Anti-tank mine АТМ-РЗ


The anti-tank monition АТМ-РЗ is designed to destroy tracked or wheeled armored vehicles. It produces three powerful shaped charges which penetrate into the bottom of the vehicle and/or destroy its tracks or wheels.

The charges are displaced from one another at 120° and their trajectories are inclined at 50° from the vertical. Regardless of the direction of motion of the vehicle, one or two of the charges penetrate the vehicle’s bottom. Each charge is powerful enough to pierce а hole with а diameter of 1О mm in а 300 mm thick armored steel plate from а distance of up to 0.8m when covered with camouflage layer of up to 20 cm thick.

Upon penetration in the vehicle’s compartment, the shaped charge plasma jet generates а shock wave which can neutralize the crew, cause fire, damage the controls and detonate munitions.

Anti-tank mine АТМ-РЗ - Transmobile Ltd.

The fuse is of а tilt-rod type and is screwed to the top of the mine. It is of а mechanical type and detonates the mine when pressed by the
tracks or the wheels of а vehicle. The fuse is very reliable when used in desert sands and shallow waters.


It has unlimited time of operation and does not require maintenance during storage.
The mine is laid in the ground under а camouflage layer with а thickness of about 10 cm.
The tilt rod remains above the ground.

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