АТМ 900 neutralize tracked armored vehicles


АТМ 900 is designed to neutralize tracked armored vehicles. Its unique design allows the mine to be efficient at а distance of up to 90 cm from the surface of the terrain. That makes АТМ 900 especially suitable for desert areas, where the camouflage layer can vary greatly.

Anti-Tank Mine АТМ 900 can be activated/deactivated remotely and multiple times at а distance of 90 cm using the ATM 900Р Command unit with programmer. АТМ 900 operates when simultaneous magnetic and seismic influences are generated by а target vehicle. The fuse is awakened when а vehicle moving in the zone around the fuse causes changes in the seismic field. On receiving signals from the seismic sensor about an object moving in the zone, the microcontroller awaits confirmation from the magnetic sensor about the presence of an armored vehicle above the mine and then activates the explosive chain.

АТМ 900 is able to stay in the ground for up to 2 years. It can be armed/disarmed multiple times with а total duration of the armed state of 60 days.

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