ATMF-08 is designed to be used mainly with the ТМ-62 series of anti-tank mines in order to enhance their performance. It incorporates an explosive formed projectile (EFP) charge which penetrates into the belly armor of the target vehicle and activates the mine. On activation, а clearance charge removes the camouflage soil above the fuse before the EFP detonation. Penetration capability is over 50 mm of armored steel.

The fuse can also bе easily adapted to other types of tank mines.

Remotely controlled anti-tank mine fuse ATMF-08 - Transmobile Ltd.
Remotely controlled

The fuse ATMF-08 can be remotely activated and deactivated multiple times by а Command Unit, with safety guaranteed by the incorporated electromechanical lock of the explosive train. The highly reliable bidirectional radio link allows the user to:

  • check the status of the fuse from а distance;
  • activate/deactivate single fuses, groups off uses or all of them;
  • use information coding in order to increase the resistance to radio connection jamming and to reduce to а minimum the risk of intentional or accidental activation;
  • perform а detonation on command;
  • control up to 50 anti-tank mines.

The ATMF-08 uses combined seismic and electromagnetic sensors to identify its target and to activate the fuse at the exact moment when the armored vehicle is above the fuse.

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