Anti-tank mine ATM-01


The Anti-tank mine ATM-01 is designed to destroy wheeled armored vehicles. It is intended for use in the prevention of movement of armored enemy troops in а protected area. The mine is provided with а smart electronic fuse ATMF-01 with integrated explosives formed projectile (EFP). The fuse operates when simultaneous magnetic, acoustic and seismic influences are generated by а target vehicle. The EFP consists of а metal body, а hemispherical copper lining, detonator and а charge which penetrates the belly of the target vehicle before the main charge. The explosion of the EFP also triggers the main charge of the mine. The Anti-tank mine АТМ-01 system is programmed using the Programmer P-ATMF-01 for duration of the armed state from 1 to 180 days with а 1-day setup step. The fuse has three safety levels. The detonators are kept in separate armored containers.

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