MDM-5 is a new generation underwater mines


The diversion mines MDM-5 are new generation high technology underwater mines designed to destroy vessels with hulls made of ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic materials. Its compact size makes it very easy to use.

Its operational depth is up to 50 m. The spherical shape of the mine ensures а very low hydrodynamic resistance and stable fixation to the vessel’s hull through а system of magnets. The fuse of the mine is controlled by а microprocessor system. The fuse contains а mechanical transportation mechanism, а water-soluble transportation safety mechanism and an electronic safety timing device. The fuse has an anti-removal mechanism which ensures detonation in case of an attempt to detach the mine from the vessel’s hull.

The testing and programming of the fuse are carried out by means of а programming device.

Magnetic diversion mine MDM-5 - Transmobile Ltd.

Optional are а special attachment set and an underwater screwdriver with rechargeable battery for fixing the mine to non-ferromagnetic surfaces.


The mine is available in two versions: combat and training (inert, with а DRAGAN hydroacoustic system).

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