Universal silent system for launching of mines and grenades


The universal silent system “COPSIS SL” is used for:

  • fireless launching of mines and grenades aiming to destroy or bring out of operation the live force of the enemy, transportation means including armored vehicles, placed in the open or behind light field shelters, also on the back slopes of forest areas.
  • specialized operations requiring covert and surprising action.
The universal silent system “COPSIS SL” - Transmobile Ltd.

The universal silent system “COPSIS SL” provides:

  • the possibility to use of diverse by its meaning ammunition like mines and grenades, including fragmentation, smoke, cumulative, thermobaric, illuminating, radio-jamming, tear-gas and other rounds, providing the ability to fire by straight shot or using ballistic curve.
  • high effectiveness in destroying the targets through highly precise, noiseless, and grouped fire.
Technical Specifications
  • Shooting distance by ballistic curve: up to 850 meters.
  • Vertical aiming angle: 45 to 85 Degree.
  • Shooting distance by straight shot: up to 180 meters.
  • Firing noise level: not more than 85 dB.
  • Measurements in folded position: 690 x 275 x 175 mm.
  • Weight without aiming sight: 5,4 Kg.

Packed in a Plastic Case.

The universal silent system “COPSIS SL” - Transmobile Ltd.
Storage and transportation
  • Keep in ventilated facility with temperatures from -30 0C to +50 0C and humidity not more than 98%.
  • Transport: no restrictions by speed or distance.
  • Storage lifetime of the launcher: 20 years.
  • Factory warranty: 1 year from delivery to the client.
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